In this episode of Voice for Liberty Radio: Dwight D. Keen is former chairman of the Kansas Independent Oil and Gas Association. He spoke to the Wichita Pachyderm Club on the topic "Hydraulic Fracturing: A Conjured-up Controversy" on August 8, 2014. In the shownotes for this episode you can find the link to the short video that was shown as part of his talk. Also, you will find links to the handouts he distributed.

You can find the shownotes for this episode at There is much other material at Voice for Liberty on the internet at, including articles, interactive visualizations, illustrative videos, Voice for Liberty Radio, and WichitaLiberty.TV. Here's Dwight Keen at the Wichita Pachyderm Club on August 8, 2014.


Link to video shown during the presentation: Hydraulic Fracturing

Handout: Gasland debunked 
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